Movie Review: Never Stand Still


Upon my nightly Netflix browsing I came across Never Stand Still. It is directed by Ron Hansa and it explores everything about Jacob’s Pillow–through the conversations with choreographers and dancers during their 75th anniversary season in 2007. I decided watch it and give a short review of the film.

The film presented the history of Jacob’s Pillow on a peripheral level, which is great for the casual viewer. I yearned for more historical detail; much like the clips of Ted Shawn talking about his legacy and his former dancers talking about their experience. I also enjoyed the layout of modern-day choreographers and dancers recounting their experiences with the Pillow interlaced within the historical storyline.  Also a few bullet points about the film:

  • Narration by Bill T. Jones–so lovely!
  • Spotlight on the School at Jacob’s Pillow; a nice touch because I did not know very much about it.

Highlights and little factoids:

  • The Ted Shawn Theatre started construction in 1941, the first theatre in the United States to be built specifically for dance.
  • Ted Shawn had asked himself, “How can the public find out about dance?” This led to public demonstrations by his all-male troupe and with growing popularity evolved into the yearly festival and school.
  • The segment on Zaccho Dance Theatre was absolutely lovely. Choreographer Joanna Haigood had presented a site-specific work inspired by the Pillow’s location and its connection to slaves escaping to freedom through the Underground Railroad.

It is definitely a movie to check out whether you know nothing about Jacob’s Pillow or are a huge fan! It’s on Netflix Instant right now.

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  1. I actually have a tendency to agree with pretty much everything that was written inside “Movie Review: Never Stand Still ”.
    Thanks for pretty much all the actual info.Thank you-Madelaine

  2. Thank You, I might just go see this now!!!!


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